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Лампов Китарен Ефект/Предусилвател ROCKTRON VOODU Valve-Архив

24-bit Motorola DSP engine

12AX7 tube cicuitry

Preamp voicings: Variac, Pentode, Triode, and Solid State

4-band post EQ

Comprehensive pre-EQ sections give you near limitless tone-shaping options

HUSH noise reduction keeps things quiet

254 presets–hundreds more are available on Rocktron’s website

2-tap chorusing

Echo-like delay


Pitch shift


Dual-mode phaser


Frequency-programmable wah

2-tap flanger

Speaker simulator section provides parameters for speaker size, mic placement, and Rocktron’s patented Reactance parameter

Full MIDI functionality includes 8-parameter continuous control and mapping

Цена:590 лв.


Професионален 7-канален DJ миксер Behringer DX 1000 PRO-Архив

Почти неизползван 7-канален пулт с 5 двойни стерео входа и 2 моно входа.

Произведен в Германия

Цена: 300лв.


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