Revox Agora B

Активни трилентови тонколони с мощност 200 W.

Power bandwidth :         4Hz…42Khz (DIN 45500).

Frequency response :    30Hz…21Khz (-3dB).

THD :     0,5% max. (max., 86dP SPL), 1% (max., 96dB SPL).

SPL :      110dB (at 2m, in a 100m3 room with 0,4s reverb).

Drivers :2x 20cm bass , 1x 12cm mid, 1x 1,9cm high.

Crossover :        200Hz (14 or 17dB/octave), 3,7Khz (17 or 24dB/octave).

Dimensions :      42 x 72,5 x 42cm.

Weight :              31kg.

Inputs : 0,775V / 47kOhm (preamp in).

4V / 1,2kOhm (power amp in).

Bass control :     0 / -2 / -4 / -6dB at 45Hz.

Treble control : +2 / 0 – / -2 / -4dB at 10Khz.

Powered by 3 separate 100W amps, with the two bass drivers working with a resonator

and the bass power amp compensating for the impedance variations of the moving coils.

The mid driver is the main man, spreading its response over 4 octaves and accompanied

by an eddy-current magnet system correcting for distortion. The high driver is made of Titanium.

Нови са стрували  7000 CHF.

Тонколоните са  наистина много запазени.

Цена:2500 лв.