Sony ST-S707ES Архив

3-band synthesizer

Optional antenna signal attenuation (if you live close to the transmitter)

Detailed display of signal strength

IF bandwidth adjustable – beneficial when broadcasters are closely

Free choice of special designations

Display / display can be kept to a minimum to reduce or even information off

„Pure Circuit Sony quote:“ when a station has been filed, the clock stops sinking of the micro-processor. Since the received signal then only analog circuits through

Timer function

Direct Comparator technology

Reception and sounded improving Wave optimizer technology

Automatic shutdown micro-processor to suppress noise

Radial PSU

30 information store (presets)

Station names stored

Dial tuning knob on

IF bandwidth switching (Narrow / Wide)

2 switchable antenna inputs



Preset scan

Stereo / Mono switch

Calibrier sound

Entering opportunity for broadcasters shortcuts

Remote possibility of Sony amplifier

Sensitivity: Mono 0.9 ? V / / stereo 23 ? V

Signal-to-noise ratio: 95 dB mono / / stereo 86 dB

Distortion: 0.02%

Selectivity: Wide 80 dB / 90 dB Narrow