Soundcraftsmen MA5002 -Архив

Изходяща мощност при 8/4 ома: 250W/360W

Вход RCA

Индивидуален Gain  към 2 VU output Метри (Channels A and B)

Original Specifications THD Typical less than .02% Freq Resp Plus or minus 1/4dB 20HZ to 2OKHZ I.M.

Distortion 60Hz/7KHZ less than .05% T.H.D. Distortion Less than .1% T.I.M distortion Less than .02 %

Signal to Noise Ratio > 105 db down

Frequency Response +- 1/4 db 20 HZ to 20KHZ

Slew Rate Power Supply – Greater than 90v per micro-second Slew Rate Amplifier – Greater than 50v per micro-second

Damping Factor – Greater than 150 @ 50 HZ Stability – Any load 2 ohms to 32 ohms Input Sensitivity – 1.28

Тегло:26 кг.