Yamaha DSP-1

Цифров Sound Field Процесор

It is equipped with 13 acoustic programs for music playback.

Concert halls for classical music are equipped with 6 variations of 3 programs from Hall 1 to Hall 3, as well as chambers suitable for indoor music, M?nster and church.

Seven programs including jazz clubs, rock concerts, discos, pavilions, warehouse lofts, stadiums and presence are installed for the playback of pop music.

Equipped with three surround programs for video playback.

In addition to Dolby Surround, you can select Yamaha’s original Surround 1 and Surround 2 surround programs.

There are 16 built-in sound effectors.

This feature includes a delay that gradually delays the 4-channel sound to create a stereoscopic sound, stereo echo, and stereo flange.

Equipped with a 44.1 kHz 16 bit linear A/D and D/A conversion system.

Цена: 180лв.