Denon DP-47F-Архив

Напълно автоматичен Директ Драйв.

Denon DP-47F features a low mass tonearm with Q-damping method.

Low frequency resonance caused by the cartridges compliance and the effective tonearm mass is electronically damped both horizontally and vertically to effectively suppress crosstalk and inter-modulation distortion.

The dynamic servo tracer maximises the performance of the low mass tonearm and results in a record reproduction of excellent sound image with minimum noise and distortion.

By pressing the locate button, the tonearm is moved to any desired location where the record play is started.

The DP-47F also features Denon’s quartz bidirectional servo and electronic braking system combined with a magnetic recording detector.

The quartz lock ensures stable performance of rotation and a sharp operation.