Technics SU-V90D -Архив

Мощност 120 вата на канал при 8 ома и 150 вата при 4 ома
Technics SU-V90D integrated amplifier.
Very high specification integrated amplifier.
This amplifier is unusual as it has a built in 4 x 18 bit digital audio converter via coaxial or optical digital input.
Ideal if you have an older 16-bit CD player, DAT or even cable/free view & want to hear higher fidelity.
Automatic locking of sampling frequency 32/44.1/48 Khz.
Includes lot of features:
* MM/MC phono stage,
* tuner,
* CD,
* AUX,
* Two tape inputs,
* Digital input,
* Two sets of speaker outputs (switchable on front),
* Loudness,
* Bass,
* Treble (defeatable),
* Balance,
* Headphone socket,
* Muting,
* VC4 Class AA amplifier system,
* Power amp direct (bypasses all tone, filters etc for purer sound).

Gusty bass, sound smooth & dynamic.
More transparent & clean through the power amp direct inputs.
Listening to freeview through this amp is a complete revelation didn’t realise a freeview box could have geniune fidelity (digial input).

* Technics high speed smoothing caps in anti resonant housing,
* Large OFC frame transformer & chassis bars for less resonance.
* Rated power 120 watts