Nad 3020B

Разликата с 3020 е по-мощният траф

с който при 8 омови ОТ стига  до 25 вата.

Input impedance (R and C) 47kohm/ 100pF

Input sensitivity, 1kHz MM 2.7mV ref. 0.5V,MC 180µV

Signal/Noise ratio (A-weighted with cartridge connected) MM 75dB ref. 5mV

MC 73dB ref. 0.5mV

RIAA response accuracy (20Hz – 20kHz) ±0.5dB

Continuous output power into 8 ohms -25W (14dBW)

Rated distortion (THD 20Hz – 20kHz) 0.02%

Clipping power (maximum continuous power per channel) 30W

IHF Dynamic headroom at 8 ohms+3dB

IHF dynamic power (maximum short term power per channel) 8 ohms- 50W

4 ohms -55W,2 ohms- 70W

Frequency response 10Hz – 70kHz

Dimensions (W x H x D) 420 x 96 x 240mm

Net weight 5.3kg