ONKYO Integra T-9900 -Архив

Couple technical data:
Manual and automatic channel scan
Tippton switch (Touch-Tone)
3 different bandwidths, wide, narrow and super-slim
Tuning-Level button: Ansprechwelle
Muting buttonAuto
Memo: automatic input key
Tuning Mode: manual / automatic
Timer operating
Hard level output (RCA)
Variable level output (RCA)
Present scan
AM / FM reception, Level controls for high levels of Cinchausganges
APR (Automatic Reception optimization)
Eingangsempfl: 75 ohm FM / mono / stereo: 0.8? V/20? V
Distortion: FM / Mono / Stereo: 0.009% -0.02%
Equipment: 20 station keys, APR system
Intermodulation distortion: 110 dB
Spiegel frequency attenuation: 100 dB
IF attenuation: 100 dB
Separation of focus: 80 dB
Stereo channel separation: 55 dB
Dimensions: 450 x 99 x 388 mm
Weight: 6.6 kg
STEREOPLAY Nr.10/84: absolute top class
Selling Price in Germany: 1500 DM