Philips DVD 963SA

Playback system

SACD multi-channel• SACD Stereo• DVD-Video• Video CD (VCD)• S-Video CD (SVCD)• MP3-CD• CD (CD-R and CD-RW)1• DVD+RW

Audio format

DigitalDSD: Uncompressed digitalMPEG/Dolby: Compressed digital,Digital/DTS/PCM: 16, 20, 24 bits, fs 44.1, 48, 96kHzMP3 (ISO 9660: 96, 112, 128, 256kbps andvariable bit rate, fs 32,44.1, 48kHz• Full decoding of Dolby Digital and DTSmulti-channel sound• Analog Sound Stereo• Dolby surround compatible downmix fromDolby Digital multi-channel sound• 3D Sound for virtual 5.1 channel sound on 2 speakers

Audio performance (no upsampling)

D/A converterDVD: (24 bits)Fs 96kHz, 4Hz-44kHz(24 bits)Fs 48kHz, 4Hz-22kHzCD/Video CD: (24 bits)Fs 44.1kHz, 4Hz-20kHzS-Video CD: (24 bits)Fs 48 kHz, 4 Hz-22 kHz(24 bits)Fs 44.1kHz, 4Hz-20kHz• Signal-Noise (1kHz): 105dB• Dynamic Range (1kHz): 105dB• Crosstalk (1kHz): 105dB• Total harmonic distortion (1kHz): 100dB

                    SACD audio performance
D/A converter: DSD
SACD: fs 2.8224Mhz, DC-100kHz
Max. output: 2V rms
Channel unbalance: <0.5dB
Cut-off frequency: 40kHz
 Signal-Noise (1kHz): 115dB
Dynamic Range (1kHz): 108dB
Crosstalk (1kHz): 110dB
Total harmonic distortion (1kHz): 100dB


Тегло: 6,8 кг.