Thorens TD320

TD-320 is the top of the range of the 300 series and on

of the most popular Thorens turntables.

It features the TP-90 precision tonearm, a seven pound

non-resonant platter, magnet anti-skating, electronic cueing and shut-off.

Drive method: one step belt drive

Motor: low voltage 16-pole synchronous motor

Speeds: 33 and 45rpm

Speed control: 2-phase generator

Platter: 3.1kg, 300mm, zinc alloy, dynamically balanced

Wow and flutter: 0.035%

Rumble: -72B

Tonearm effective length: 232mm

Effective mass: 7.5g

Overhang: 16.4mm

Offset angle: 23 degrees

Dimensions: 440 x 350 x 170mm

Weight: 11kg

Цена:900 лв./без дозата или 1150 лв. с shure V15V-B/